Another Disappointing Weigh-in — and WW ActiveLink

Well, as the title says… another disappointing weigh-in today.  Down .5 lbs.  Which means that’s 2 lbs down in 2 weeks.  And yes, yes I know that’s NORMAL and HEALTHY and GOOD… but yeah… wish it would go faster.

So today’s official weigh in: 203.3 lbs (-2.0)

Anyway!  In today’s WW newsletter they had a little promo for ActiveLink.  So I used the 25 minutes of meeting time that is used up by all the old ladies interrupting our leader to talk about how they don’t follow the plan and don’t understand why they don’t lose weight… to look up some reviews on my phone.  And, well, it gets pretty mixed reviews.  Some people LOVE it and rave that it has changed their lives… while others say it’s a piece of trash that doesn’t even count activity correctly.

Do any of y’all use it?  I’d love to hear about your experience with it.  Was it motivating?  Accurate?  Worth the money?



My ever-exciting Food Log – Tuesday



Light English muffin with 1 tbs natural PB
Large apple

2 C Spaghetti Squash Pie (spaghetti squash, ground turkey, low fat cottage cheese, part skim mozzarella)
1/4 C chocolate chips

1 C Vegetable curry with 1/2 C white rice
2 big ol’ handfuls of Ruffles

Treadmill speedwalking – 40 minutes (Tried to run and still can’t.  Sigh.)

It’s sad how I’ve let junk food come into my life in such a big way.  Chocolate chips and Ruffles??  Really?  These are things I usually don’t even keep in my house, but I have them left over from Thanksgiving and they were calling my name all day.  They are going in the trash tomorrow.

What can I say? I’m weak.  And this is why the weight is not coming off.  Even when I’m staying within my calorie range, I know I am one of those super unlucky people who really has to eat the right foods, not just the right amount of calories… or it just doesn’t come off. So again… I’ll try harder tomorrow!  At least I’ve tracked two days in a row now, right?

Monday’s Food Log

In my attempt to get back in track with tracking this week, here is my food log for Monday (boring as it may be):

2 scrambled eggs
Large piece of sourdough toast
Vegetable curry
3/4 cup cooked white rice
Big handful of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered pretzel thins
2 French dip “cupcakes” from Emily Bites
1 serving Caesar salad (from a light Caesar Salad kit)

20 minutes stationary bike + 15 minutes elliptical

Did well on calories today, but not so great on nutrition. Need to work on that tomorrow!


Back to Tracking

Wow this is embarrassing to admit, but I guess if this blog is supposed to help keep me on track, I have to be completely honest.  I just looked back into my “My Fitness Pal” food tracker app, and the last time I tracked a whole day’s worth of food was all the way back on….


October 28th.


And we all know what starts happening when you don’t track.  Bad, bad, very bad things.  Like you eat chocolate chip cookies or DQ blizzards for dessert.  And donuts for breakfast.  Stuff I never do when I track — because I don’t want to see those completely empty calories staring me in the face!

So here’s my commitment for the week.  This week I will track every morsel of food I put in my mouth.  And I’ll post it here, too, for extra accountability.  Like I said a couple posts back…. I can’t let this holiday season ruin me.  I just can’t.

Three Words I Thought I’d Never Say

I miss running.

There… I said it.  And it’s something I never ever ever thought I would say in my life — EVER — but it’s true!

A few weeks back (October 7 to be exact), I went out for a nice little run.  It was less than 3 miles… in the park I usually run at on Mondays.  No big deal.  It felt like a really good run, actually.  I had a good pace and I didn’t feel sore or tired.  I only stopped when I did because I had to go pick up my daughter from her dance class.

The next night (after having a very normal, pain-free day), I went to sleep and at about 1AM I woke up to excruciating pain in my right knee…. so intense it actually woke me from my sleep! I tried stretching and rubbing and doing anything I could think of to make it go away, but nothing would help.  I ended up icing it down and was able to sleep for a couple hours, but when I woke up I was still in terrible pain.

Well, me being the doctor-hater I am (sorry to any doctor’s reading this ..ha!) and having the worst insurance on the face of the earth and being on limited funds….. I decided to just try to take care of it myself and wait a while to see if the pain would go away.  Fast forward one week and after taking it easy on my workouts, stretching it several times a day, using a foam roller religiously and taking some leftover prescription-strength Ibuprofen I had from some dental surgery a while back…. nothing.  I was still in so much pain, especially when I would lie down at night, I could barely sleep and it was painful to even walk or sit.  Not cool.

So I finally sucked it up and made an appointment with an orthopedist – a sports injury specialist.  And of course (reason #10993 I hate doctors), the earliest I could get in to see her was ONE WEEK LATER.  Sigh.

By the time I got in to see her, my pain had gotten a little better.  I could sleep, at least, but bending my knee or squatting or getting out of a chair or car, or doing anything that kept my knee bent for any length of time was still really killing me.  She ended up having me take a steroid pack and more Ibuprofen for a week and wanted me to come back 2 weeks later for a cortisone shot in the knee if things hadn’t improved.

Two weeks later, I’m back in her office… still in pain… but now the pain has gone from my knee all the way up through my quadriceps and hip, rear and lower back.  AGH!!  She decided a cortisone shot wouldn’t be appropriate, since the pain wasn’t localized any more, and referred me to a “physiotherapist” instead.  Yes…. this is after a full month in pain and not much relief yet!

So now I’ve been going to this physiotherapist/chiropractor’s office for the past week, and I am feeling a lot less pain, but I still can’t run.  And now the physiotherapist has found a whole slew of things wrong with me — from my neck to my upper and lower back, to my hips and leg.  What started out as a pain in my knee has now turned in to a diagnosis that basically my entire body is falling apart!    *sigh*

Check out these Xrays (just cuz I think Xrays are cool).

This first one is my lower back.  The green is where things should be, and the red is where things actually are.  Kind of explains why I’m always having lower back pain and sciatica.


Then this one is my neck.  The person on the left has a “normal” neck.  The one on the right is mine.  I had no idea a neck was supposed to be curved, but my doctors say it is.  And mine is straight.  That is apparently not a good thing.


Anyway!  So this long story is all to say….  I’m still in some serious pain and I haven’t been able to run in over a month now, and I really miss it.  As much as I hate it while I’m doing it, I miss the great feeling I get when it’s over.  I am actually jealous of the people I see running on the side of the road now.  And my sweet husband has been trying to become a runner.  I’m really happy he’s trying so hard, but it does bum me out when I see him tie up his shoes and head out in the mornings.  😦  And sadly, I actually signed up for my very first full-fledged 5k that’s next week and now I’m going to have to walk it.  THAT SUCKS.

Ah well… enough of the pity party!  A good friend of mine was hit by a car the other day while riding his bike and is in pretty critical condition at the hospital right now, so I feel like a huge, ungrateful baby even whining about such a small ailment as this.  I am truly blessed to have the health I have.  I just hope I can get back to 100% one of these days.  And I promise I won’t complain about running any more if/when I do!  You can hold me to that!

Where did the time go?


Wow it’s been almost two months since my last blog post.  That stinks!!  I’m happy to say, though, that my lack of posts have not been because I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I’ve just been incredibly busy so I’ve let time slip by.  Going to grad school while working and being a wife/mother sure takes up a lot of one’s time!

I know this time of year is super rough (diet-wise) for me, though, and I’m going to need as many sources of accountability/motivation as I can possibly get…. so here I am!  Last year at this time was the beginning of my 10-pound GAIN and I just can’t do that again this year.  It kills me to realize I am still up 5 of those 10 pounds at this point!!!  That means I’ve lost a whopping 5 pounds in one year this year.  WOW.  I can’t believe that.  I really can’t.

SO!  For that reason, I’m here to keep my focus and at least maintain my weight through these next couple of months.  I’m absolutely going to do it…. I just know it’s going to take some discipline.  For instance, I know all of those treats my neighbors and friends are going to bring over for my birthday and Christmas are going to have to go straight in the garbage.  It’s painful to do that, but I must.  I know it.  If treats are sitting around the house I will eat them!  Heck, I sure did last year!

So yeah… I’m back.  I doubt you even knew I was gone… but I’m back! lol

Body Acceptance — you should read this


I squeezed into my workout clothes to go to Body Pump class this morning, cursing my giant thighs and the stomach roll that just won’t go away.  Then I sat down to go through my blog reader for a few minutes and this post came up from one of my favorite weight loss bloggers – So Much Fattitude.

You really should give it a read.

I, too, get so frustrated when I’m clicking around sites like Pinterest and people are posting all of these things about wanting to be thin so they can be “that girl” at the club, or so they can make their ex regret breaking up with them, or so they can wear a string bikini again (again?? really?).  And I REALLY despise all the pictures of half-dressed women with fake boobs in full makeup, big hoochie hair, bodies spritzed down with oil and glitter… supposedly working out in the gym.  You know the ones I’m talking about. Is that supposed to inspire me?  Give me a break.

But even knowing how ridiculous all this stuff is, and knowing that the true beauty of each of us is our spirits, and that any of us who have a healthy, functioning body are truly blessed … I can’t help but get bogged down with negative thoughts about my body.  Especially since hitting this year (+) long plateau and not being able to lose weight for my life.

I wish I could be like the second half of her blog post where she says she has stopped hating her body and started appreciating its beauty and strength.  I’m working on it.  Hey I even posted a picture of my arms the other day.  That was a huge step for me.  (Although I am still incredibly embarrassed by the photo because of the batwings that hang below the muscles, sigh.)  I’m just not sure how you undo all those years of negative thoughts.

If any of you have some words of wisdom for me, I’m all ears.  I really would like to change.