Superfood Pilaf – a Trader Joe’s FAIL

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love me some Trader Joe’s.  I have hardly ever found a product there that I didn’t like (except the “spicy ranchero egg white salad” which was just absolutely disgusting).  I go to TJs at least twice a month and stock up on tons of things that help me stay on track.

Well a couple weeks back I picked up a bag of their “Superfood Pilaf.”  A couple bloggers I follow had recommended the stuff and said it was really yummy.


Quinoa?  Yum I love quinoa.  Kale.  Yup like that too.  Sweet potatoes and carrots.  Who doesn’t love those?  This has got to be great!

Nope.  Disgusting.

The mixture of textures and the odd combination of veggies just didn’t work at all to me.  The only flavor it had at all was intense bitterness.  Yuck.

Just had to share.


Another Trader Joe’s Favorite: Reduced Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip


Only 30 calories (or 1WW p+) for 2 tablespoons and this stuff is soooo good.  And I am not even a fan of Greek yogurt!  Try it right out of the container on raw veggies (carrots, radishes and mushrooms are my favorite), or heat it up in the microwave and it ends up tasting like a warm spinach dip — really good on pita bread or tortillas.

Mmm I’m gonna go have some right now.

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Fat Free Brownies

I really try to stay away from baking anything at all, because I have no self-control when it comes to baked goods.  But when I do give in to the desire, or when I need to bring a treat to a party or something, this is my go-to brownie mix.

The directions say you just combine the mix with a small container of fat free yogurt, but I’ve found it needs a little water, too.  I usually refill the yogurt container with water and that amount seems to work perfectly.

Oh and I’ve tried all different kinds of yogurt, including greek, and they all have tasted great.  Try it!  You’ll never believe they’re fat free and only 3 Weight Watchers Points+ per serving!

Wow every time I write one of these, I feel like a spokesperson or something.  Hey Trader Joe’s if you’re reading this, I’m available! 😉

Trader Joe’s “Just Grilled Chicken Strips”

Another one of my favorite Trader Joe’s items.  (Sorry for the really lame picture.  I was trying out the camera on my android tablet and I apparently have a very shaky hand!)

I have tried a bunch of different brands of pre-cooked chicken strips and these are by far the best tasting of all of them.  They are preservative free and they don’t have any of those nasty artificial flavors I’ve tasted in some of the other brands.  Most of them have a really “mechanical” taste to them — like a faint taste of machinery or oil or something.  YUCK!!

Anyway… give them a try!  They are very fresh tasting and they’re great to have in the freezer for those nights when you get home late from work and have no time to cook… or when you’ve forgetten to thaw something.  You can cook a few strips up straight from the freezer and toss them on top of a salad, or into a tortilla and you’ve got dinner in less than ten minutes.  Gotta love that!

My Favorite Trader Joe’s Stuff

Oh how I love Trader Joe’s.  Even though the closest one to me is pretty far from my house, I make the drive at least once a week (or send a shopping list with my mom if she’s headed that way) to pick up some of the yummy, healthy, low-point stuff they carry.

Some people in my Weight Watchers meetings say they get lost in Trader Joe’s… and I don’t blame them.  It can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are there during their busy times.  But there are so many treasures to be found if you take your time (and your points calculator) and look carefully.

And to do my part to help you find all the good stuff at Trader Joe’s… I’ll be posting my favorites every once in a while.

I’ll start today with one of my absolute favorites — Trader Joe’s Fat Free Lime Fruit Floes.


They are frozen lime popsicles and Oooooh baby if you love lime like I do… you must try these!!!  The lime flavor is so strong and vibrant and they are so refreshing.  The perfect summer treat (or dessert) and only 2 Weight Watchers Points+!  Gotta love that!