Day 5 – Weight Watchers ‘Simple Start’


Well, as I mentioned the other day… I rejoined Weight Watchers last week.  So far the only change to the plan I’ve noticed is the new “Simple Start,” which is basically just 2 weeks of following the Simply Filling plan before diving into the regular WW Points Plus plan (or choosing to stay with Simply Filling if you wish). 

It’s probably a good idea, as it helps you focus on eating whole foods instead of the processed weight-loss junk WW has a bad reputation of pushing.  But I have to say — I’m a bit skeptical about it.  Only because with Simply Filling you don’t have to track or measure anything except for foods that are not on the list of “Power Foods.”  That worries me a bit because a big part of the reason I’m here is that I’m not good with portion control (obviously).

But so far, so good, I think.  I already eat a very whole-foods-based diet, so it hasn’t been much of a challenge for me… and I’m kinda loving that I get 7 points a day to eat chocolate or peanut butter or whatever other “cheats” I want.  That’s kind of nice.

Oh and I peeked at the scale this morning and it was looking pretty good.  So I’m  just going to keep plugging along and hope Friday morning’s weigh-in makes me a believer!  I’ll keep you posted!


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