Back to Tracking

Wow this is embarrassing to admit, but I guess if this blog is supposed to help keep me on track, I have to be completely honest.  I just looked back into my “My Fitness Pal” food tracker app, and the last time I tracked a whole day’s worth of food was all the way back on….


October 28th.


And we all know what starts happening when you don’t track.  Bad, bad, very bad things.  Like you eat chocolate chip cookies or DQ blizzards for dessert.  And donuts for breakfast.  Stuff I never do when I track — because I don’t want to see those completely empty calories staring me in the face!

So here’s my commitment for the week.  This week I will track every morsel of food I put in my mouth.  And I’ll post it here, too, for extra accountability.  Like I said a couple posts back…. I can’t let this holiday season ruin me.  I just can’t.


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