Body Acceptance — you should read this


I squeezed into my workout clothes to go to Body Pump class this morning, cursing my giant thighs and the stomach roll that just won’t go away.  Then I sat down to go through my blog reader for a few minutes and this post came up from one of my favorite weight loss bloggers – So Much Fattitude.

You really should give it a read.

I, too, get so frustrated when I’m clicking around sites like Pinterest and people are posting all of these things about wanting to be thin so they can be “that girl” at the club, or so they can make their ex regret breaking up with them, or so they can wear a string bikini again (again?? really?).  And I REALLY despise all the pictures of half-dressed women with fake boobs in full makeup, big hoochie hair, bodies spritzed down with oil and glitter… supposedly working out in the gym.  You know the ones I’m talking about. Is that supposed to inspire me?  Give me a break.

But even knowing how ridiculous all this stuff is, and knowing that the true beauty of each of us is our spirits, and that any of us who have a healthy, functioning body are truly blessed … I can’t help but get bogged down with negative thoughts about my body.  Especially since hitting this year (+) long plateau and not being able to lose weight for my life.

I wish I could be like the second half of her blog post where she says she has stopped hating her body and started appreciating its beauty and strength.  I’m working on it.  Hey I even posted a picture of my arms the other day.  That was a huge step for me.  (Although I am still incredibly embarrassed by the photo because of the batwings that hang below the muscles, sigh.)  I’m just not sure how you undo all those years of negative thoughts.

If any of you have some words of wisdom for me, I’m all ears.  I really would like to change.


3 thoughts on “Body Acceptance — you should read this

      • Welcome!!! It is all a journey. At times we can get so focused on where we’re going and what is ahead of us that we forget where we have been. I would say you are doing great and keep pushing yourself, but from time to time be happy with the progress you have made!!

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