Celebrating a Non-Scale Victory

After posting that very whiny blog entry yesterday, I felt I should balance it out with some positivity today.  Just as my doctor pointed out last week… No, I haven’t seen the scale budge for a long long time, but I have definitely seen some great changes that I have to be happy about.  At Weight Watchers they call those “non-scale victories.”

The biggest change I’ve experienced lately is a discovery that I actually do have muscles.

You might remember a few months back I posted that my doctor (yes the same doctor I saw the other day) recommended that I add weight-training to my exercise program, in the hopes it would bust my plateau.  (Here’s the post, if you’re curious.)  Well, as we know…. it did not cause me to start losing weight.  Not at all.  But, I do have to say I am feeling a whole lot stronger these days.

I’ve been taking the Body Pump class (60 minutes of weight lifting set to music) at the Y twice a week, and doing my own free weights at home once a week.  So that’s three days a week I’m lifting.

I wish I had taken before pictures so you could compare, but check out my newly formed guns:


I really cannot believe I am one of those people who takes pictures of their muscles in the bathroom mirror. What is happening to me?!!

I’ve noticed them taking shape over the past couple of months, and I’ve definitely noticed I’ve been able to add more weight during Body Pump class, but I knew things had truly changed when I took my daughter to the big swimming pool at the Y the other day.

Usually I have to swim over to a ladder and use that to get out of the pool, but last week I was actually able to push myself up on the side and right out of the pool like normal-sized people do.  What a great feeling!

Definitely something to celebrate.


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