Superfood Pilaf – a Trader Joe’s FAIL

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love me some Trader Joe’s.  I have hardly ever found a product there that I didn’t like (except the “spicy ranchero egg white salad” which was just absolutely disgusting).  I go to TJs at least twice a month and stock up on tons of things that help me stay on track.

Well a couple weeks back I picked up a bag of their “Superfood Pilaf.”  A couple bloggers I follow had recommended the stuff and said it was really yummy.


Quinoa?  Yum I love quinoa.  Kale.  Yup like that too.  Sweet potatoes and carrots.  Who doesn’t love those?  This has got to be great!

Nope.  Disgusting.

The mixture of textures and the odd combination of veggies just didn’t work at all to me.  The only flavor it had at all was intense bitterness.  Yuck.

Just had to share.


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