Friday Weigh-in

Holy cow where did the week go???

I had every intention of posting my food journal each day this week, and as you can see… that didn’t happen.  Well, I saved you from that boredom, so you can thank me for that.

I ended up not being able to follow the “Simply Filling” plan this week.  1) I was way too swamped with post-vacation catch-up work that I barely had time to prepare food, and SF really requires a lot of time and prep.  2) I was not in control of a couple of meals this week — meaning I had to eat away from home and others were preparing the food so I knew I couldn’t be picky and demand only lean meat and veggies.

But fear not!
I actually did great this week! Not only did I re-lose the 4 pounds I had re-gained over vacation… but I also lost another pound on top of that!

I’m not dumb enough to actually believe that I lost 5 pounds this week.  To be honest, I don’t think I really gained back the 4.  I think when I weighed in after vacation I was carrying a lot of water weight, or something crazy was going on.  No, I didn’t eat great while on vacation (hello cinnamon rolls and pizza!!), but I didn’t go hog wild either.  I also had two good runs on the beach that week and walked a TON at Disneyland.  So it really didn’t make sense that I had gained 4 whole pounds.

So with all that being said, I am still UP way too close to 200 pounds, but I’m still working really hard — sticking to the plan and exercising 5-6 times a week — and I’m very happy I’m down this week.  My short term goal is to be back to 188 by the time we go to Arkansas for my stepson’s wedding next month.  That means I’ll need to lose 9 pounds in 6 weeks.  Totally doable.

Since I don’t have any meal pics to post this week, I’ll just share this pic of my daughter and me on the beach last week. Yes, I’m still sad I’m not on vacation. 😦



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