Post-vacation Blues


Well, I’m back from our fun-filled week in San Diego and Disneyland, and yes… I have the post-vacation blues.  I always have such a hard time coming back to the real world after some time away.  I dread unpacking everything, doing the mountains of laundry, checking all the backlogged emails from work, and of course taking care of the dreaded grocery shopping.  Yuck.

Oh and remember that 4 pounds I was so happy to lose before vacation?  Well, I found them.  *sigh*  That just adds to my depression!

Oh well….  It is what it is.  I think vacation is just always going to be a trouble area for me.  Eating away from home is always hard anyway, but I can’t imagine going on a vacation and not eating ice cream and fun treats the whole time.  I know people do it.  I’ve listened to some of my fellow Weight Watchers brag about how they stayed on plan and didn’t gain a pound on vacation, but I have never been one of those people.

And I know it’s an unhealthy way to look at food (we’re only supposed to see food as nutrition and energy, right??), but to me having treats and indulgences is part of the fun of vacation and I think it would take some serious counseling and a major personality overhaul to get me to change my mind on that one!

The thing is… I only go on vacation once, maybe twice, a year.  So obviously eating “badly” on vacation isn’t what got me to this place, or even keeps me here.  It’s the other 355 days of the year!

So with that being said… I’m gonna jump back on the Simply Filling wagon for one more week this week to “detox” from vacation, and hopefully lose those 4 pounds pretty quickly again.  Which means y’all will have the pleasure of viewing my food journal again!  Woohoo! I apologize in advance, as I know looking at my meals for a week is not exactly thrilling, but it really helps keep me on track for some reason so bear with me.

I’ll see ya tomorrow!


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