Simply Filling – Days 6 & 7 … and some good news!

I have completely slacked on my photo-taking.  I only took one picture these past 2 days, and that was yesterday’s breakfast (more homemade turkey sausage and scrambled egg+whites):



But fear not!  I’m still in the midst of my experiment, and I have been following the plan to my best ability the past couple of days.  And since I started last Sunday, this morning was my “weigh in.” I’m really happy to report that after a week of Simply Filling I am down 4 pounds. YAY!!!!  It’s a miracle!!

Now before we start celebrating too hard, let’s remember that before this little experiment, I hadn’t weighed in for weeks and I knew I was up.  When I got on the scale last Sunday the number I saw was truly horrific.  I didn’t post it here because I was so ashamed, but that’s just stupid.  After all, isn’t this blog supposed to be keeping me accountable?

So here we go….  Ugh…
Last Sunday I weighed in at a whopping 202 pounds.  😦  Yes I went back over into the 200+ land and seeing that number made me want to puke.  It’s what has spurred me on to be so diligent with my diet this week.

And obviously it’s done some good! Being back in one-derland makes me feel very happy.  It still frustrates me to no end that I’m up so much, but what what can I do?  Nothing, except suck it up and move on.  I still have ten more pounds to go to get me back to that darned 188 I was stuck at for so long, and I’d love to see that number by the end of summer.  Can I do it?  We’ll see!

Either way… here goes Day #8 on Simply Filling.  I got this.


2 thoughts on “Simply Filling – Days 6 & 7 … and some good news!

  1. Aww Kelly I don’t know why I didn’t see this comment until just now (I really need to learn how to use WordPress better!), but thank you! I love following your blog and it means a lot to me to know you’re watching out for me! I’m still plugging along…

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