(Pretty Much) Simply Filling – Day 4

Well, social eating did it to me again today!  Why is it that when people want to hang out, they always want to eat??  Tonight’s problem was two of my good friends.  Two of my skinny good friends.  They wanted to go shoe shopping so I thought that would be a great, safe activity.  But of course it wasn’t just shoe shopping.  Afterwards they wanted to take me to this new Italian Ice shop that just opened a couple weeks ago.


I hoped and prayed they would at least have some sort of sugar free Italian Ice, but as luck would have it — they didn’t tonight.  So I ended up with a small Sour Patch Kid Italian Ice.  According to myfitnesspal, that was about 200 calories, no fat and a ton of sugar.  And of course it was not Simply Filling.  *sigh again*

Oh well…  besides yet another slip off the Simply Filling track, I managed to do well otherwise today.  Here’s today’s photo food log:

ImageI didn’t have breakfast because I had a doctor’s appointment and I needed to be fasting for blood work.  Lunch was 2 Trader Joe’s Veggie Masala burgers, some roasted butternut squash and a Saturn peach.  Snack was an apple and a string cheese (I ate the string cheese before I took the picture), and dinner was some crab and spinach stuffed mushrooms.  Then of course there was the Italian Ice.

I have no plans to go out with any friends, so hopefully tomorrow will be a true Simply Filling day!



One thought on “(Pretty Much) Simply Filling – Day 4

  1. It sounds like you had a GREAT day. I am doing WW and I try not to beat myself up when I have a not-so-great treat. I just don’t have it two days in a row. Go easy on yourself. It sounds like you are doing fine.

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