Simply Filling Day 2

I started my day with a trip to Trader Joe’s to get myself plenty of “simply filling” foods to get me through this 2-week experiment.  I ended up getting a ton of really yummy looking stuff, so it actually made me look forward to following the plan.  I have no excuses now. 
Here’s what my counter looked like when I brought everything in …


I stayed right on plan today, which felt great again.
Here’s my photo food journal for the day:


Wow those pics are really unappetizing!

Breakfast was 2 Morningstar farms mushroom burgers topped with a slice of soy cheese and a Saturn peach.  Never heard of a Saturn peach?  Me either! But they were at Trader Joe’s and they looked like donuts, and donuts are yummy so why the heck not?  They are actually quite de-lish! 

Lunch was some “fried rice” I made from last night’s leftover whole wheat couscous, some mushrooms and onions and a scrambled egg.  It wasn’t that great, but it used up some leftovers and satisfied my hunger so I can’t complain.  Dinner was some chili I threw together and I wish I had written down the measurements and ingredients I used because it was AWESOME!  I’m gonna try to replicate it again some day and keep better track of what I’m doing so I can share the recipe.  Oh and some strawberries on the side.

So looking back on the day, this is probably less food than I used to eat when I was following the Points+ system, but I honestly felt a lot more satisfied and less hungry today than I ever did on Points+.  Maybe there really is something to this whole-foods/lower carb thing.  Can’t wait to see if the scale shows some results this week.


5 thoughts on “Simply Filling Day 2

    • Ha… thanks Christina! Simply Filling is just Weight Watchers’ other plan besides counting Points. You eat only what they call “power foods” (lean meats, fat free dairy, whole grains, veggies and fruits) and you don’t have to keep track of points. You do count points for non-power foods, but since this is just a 2-week experiment for me, I’m only eating power foods right now.

  1. I’ve always felt more satisfied for longer periods when I eat lower amounts of carbs. I have a hard time sticking to a strict low-carb diet, but I do know that it helps level out blood sugar. I have a tendency to get hypoglycemic (but I’m not diabetic) when I indulge in heavy carb foods like pasta, sandwiches, etc.

    Good luck with this project!

    • I am the same. I’m not diabetic, but my body is very sensitive to carbs and I feel 100% better when I keep my blood sugar in check. The stupid thing is … I KNOW this…. but unless I’m putting in huge effort, like I am with this 2 week experiment, I eat way too many carbs. I’m just naturally drawn to them, regardless of how they make me feel!
      The cool thing with Simply Filling is they actually allow carbs… so it’s not a real low-carb diet. You can have a serving of whole grain pasta, whole wheat couscous, brown rice, quinoa, barley stuff like that. You can even have potatoes and 2 slices of reduced cal bread each day, but I’m not letting myself have those during this experiment because I know I’ll over do it. I can’t stop at one tiny potato!

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