Simply Filling or Core or Whatever You Want To Call It

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know I’ve been stuck on a really bad weight-loss plateau for over a year now.  And more recently that plateau has turned into an uphill climb, as I’m watching my weight slowly creep up up up.  I’ll be honest with you … It’s scaring the crap out of me.

I feel like I’m stuck in a really bad cycle.  I work hard and I see no results, so I give up and stop doing everything I need to do, so my weight starts to creep up.  So I feel really bad about myself and I try hard for a couple days and I see no results.  So I give up and stop doing everything I need to do and my weight starts to creep up.  So I feel really bad about myself……    You see where I’m going here.  NOT a good carousel ride to be on.

I haven’t stepped on a scale in almost 2 weeks because I know I’m going to be horrified at what I see there.  I can tell.  My clothes aren’t fitting right; my energy is down.  I just don’t feel like the good, healthy me that I felt like when I was eating like I should be.  Yes, I’m still exercising faithfully, but even that has felt more and more like a chore lately.  That scares me too.

So as I’ve been wallowing in my self-hatred and disgust, I’ve also been trying to think of how I can get myself on track.  Trust me, this isn’t the first time in my life I’ve had to start over and get my butt back on track.  I know what it takes… and usually that is some sort of big change.  I need to shake things up.  A few times that has meant investing some big money in a Weight Watchers membership, or joining a gym or something like that.  Other times it has just been a formal re-commitment.

This time I’ve decided I really need to completely shake up my eating habits.  I’ve seen the processed foods start sneaking in to my diet, and I’ve seen veggies start taking more of a back seat.  That’s got to change.  So starting tomorrow I will be following the Weight Watchers “Simply Filling” technique for a while.  If you don’t know what that is, basically it’s eating only lean protein, fat-free dairy, whole grains and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables — pretty much what we should be eating anyway!


My husband and I did Simply Filling (back then it was called ‘Core’) when we were engaged and it worked great for us.  I lost around 30 pounds and I think he lost over 40.  He says he’s willing to try it again with me this time, so we’ll see … maybe this will be just what we need.  I sure hope so.

My short-term goal is to follow the plan for the next 2 weeks as we prepare for vacation.  I know it’s totally doable.  I just have to re-acclimate myself to the plan and put some effort into food preparation and planning. I know that will be key.  No more reaching into the freezer for a pre-packaged lunch or slapping some peanut butter on a frozen waffle for breakfast.  It’s going to take more effort, and that’s probably a good thing.  I obviously need to pay more attention to what’s going in my mouth.

So there ya go …. that’s my goal for the next two weeks.  I plan on posting a lot more as I go through this little experience, to keep myself accountable and to keep this all in the forefront of my mind.  So I’ll let you know how it’s going.  

Ugh I just realized … I guess that means I need to weigh myself tomorrow so I know if I’m seeing results on the scale.  That’s gonna be fun.


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