It’s Gallon-challenge Day!

Every once in a while my sister and I challenge each other to drink a gallon of water in a day. Supposedly drinking a gallon of water can help flush your kidneys, hydrate your body and skin, reduce bloating and do all kinds of other good stuff for ya.

I usually do it because I can feel when I haven’t been hydrating enough and I need to kick my body back into water-drinking mode.  Last night I was really feeling it.  I went to sleep with a headache and I’m 99% sure it was because I was dehydrated.  I woke up with a slight headache still lingering — and with temps at 110+ today, it seemed like a really good day for the challenge.

So it’s almost 1PM and I just finished my 48th ounce.


I need to kick it up a notch if I’m going to make it to the gallon by tonight, but I’ll be going to Body Pump class later today, so I’m sure that’ll make me nice and thirsty.

Anyone else up for the challenge?


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