My New Favorite Workout Shirt

Well I was going to write a post about how terrible I was this weekend, with my daughter’s birthday and consequent donut and cake-eating extravaganza…. but instead I thought I’d just post a picture and tell you about my new favorite workout shirt!

You may have seen that Old Navy had all their “active wear” on sale for the past couple of weeks.  I have been in desperate need of some new workout clothes, so I stopped by to check out what they had.  My hopes weren’t too high because I’ve noticed Old Navy has decided lately, that apparently everyone wants to wear booty shorts and tube tops. Not exactly the kind of stuff that looks good on a 30-something, 190-something pound woman.

But I’m glad I gave it a shot because I came upon these beauties….



What’s great about them?
1)  The material is nice and thin and very light (i.e. good for the DESERT), but not see-through.
2)  They come in some decent colors.  It’s been hard to find anything lately that isn’t neon, but they had a nice selection of some normal colors.  And some neon thrown in too, of course.
3)  They are fitted, and actually give you some shape, but not too fitted.  On me, the shirt comes in on the sides a bit, but then goes out a little bit around my butt and gut.  Perfect.
4)  And speaking of which… they are nice and long so they cover my large derriere.  I don’t know why this is so hard to find in a workout shirt!  Does everyone really like tugging on their shirts to keep them down?
5)  They actually have sleeves!  Do you know how hard that is to find?
6)  Great price!  You can see from the picture that they are normally around $13.00, which is great!  And even better when I got them for 40% off last week.  Yay!

So yeah, I’m pretty sold on these shirts, as you can tell.  I bought 2 (only because they were out of my size in all the other normal colors), and see more in my future. As proof, I snapped this pic of myself this morning on my way out the door for a jog.  



You can thank me for cutting my head out of the picture.  It was really early in the morning… trust me it was scary!


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