Can You Be Fit and NOT Be a Runner?

So I’m sitting here watching an episode of “Extreme Weight Loss” (love this show, btw) and the girl they’re working with this week is going on an on about how much she loves to run.  It’s become her “thing.”  

Wow… I’m so jealous!    (And not just because she got to spend a year working with Chris Powell!)



I really wish I could feel that way about running.  

I’m watching her run a marathon right now, at a little higher weight than my current weight, and she’s reached the 10 mile mark and is still going.  I can’t even imagine!  I have never run more than 4.5 miles, and I really don’t know that I ever could.  

But here’s my issue: It seems like every super fit person I know loves to run, or has at least made running a huge part of their fitness routine.  All of the weight loss success story bloggers I follow run.  All of the ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants run.  All of my super fit friends run races and marathons.  Why is that?  There are plenty of other activities that can make a person fit, right?  Hiking?  Biking?  Swimming?  Dancing?  But even the people I know who are really into other activities like biking — even they run.

So the question is… do I have to learn to love running?  Am I just never going get to my goal weight and be the fit, healthy person I want to be without becoming a runner?  

I really like to believe that the answer is no; that I can get there by eating right and exercising in a variety of ways that might include a run here and there at times, but I have my doubts because I have yet to meet someone who’s done it that way.

Anyone out there who can tell me otherwise?


4 thoughts on “Can You Be Fit and NOT Be a Runner?

  1. I have wondered that myself! I did a lot of running last year and felt so good. Maybe it’s just that the runner’s high motivates runners to exercise more?

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