My New Favorite Workout Shirt

Well I was going to write a post about how terrible I was this weekend, with my daughter’s birthday and consequent donut and cake-eating extravaganza…. but instead I thought I’d just post a picture and tell you about my new favorite workout shirt!

You may have seen that Old Navy had all their “active wear” on sale for the past couple of weeks.  I have been in desperate need of some new workout clothes, so I stopped by to check out what they had.  My hopes weren’t too high because I’ve noticed Old Navy has decided lately, that apparently everyone wants to wear booty shorts and tube tops. Not exactly the kind of stuff that looks good on a 30-something, 190-something pound woman.

But I’m glad I gave it a shot because I came upon these beauties….



What’s great about them?
1)  The material is nice and thin and very light (i.e. good for the DESERT), but not see-through.
2)  They come in some decent colors.  It’s been hard to find anything lately that isn’t neon, but they had a nice selection of some normal colors.  And some neon thrown in too, of course.
3)  They are fitted, and actually give you some shape, but not too fitted.  On me, the shirt comes in on the sides a bit, but then goes out a little bit around my butt and gut.  Perfect.
4)  And speaking of which… they are nice and long so they cover my large derriere.  I don’t know why this is so hard to find in a workout shirt!  Does everyone really like tugging on their shirts to keep them down?
5)  They actually have sleeves!  Do you know how hard that is to find?
6)  Great price!  You can see from the picture that they are normally around $13.00, which is great!  And even better when I got them for 40% off last week.  Yay!

So yeah, I’m pretty sold on these shirts, as you can tell.  I bought 2 (only because they were out of my size in all the other normal colors), and see more in my future. As proof, I snapped this pic of myself this morning on my way out the door for a jog.  



You can thank me for cutting my head out of the picture.  It was really early in the morning… trust me it was scary!


Stepped outta that comfort zone again!



Yup you guessed it…  I tried water aerobics this morning.  To be correct — I actually tried Aqua Zumba this morning!  I still can’t believe I did it.  Don’t you have to be 80 years old to do water aerobics?

But now that the summer is here, my step class instructor has also started teaching an Aqua Zumba class and every time she sees me, she tells me I need to give it a try.  She swears it’s an awesome workout and she always feels sore afterwards (and she teaches fitness classes all the time, so that’s really saying something).  

I have never in my life tried any sort of water aerobics class – mostly because of my fear of looking like a beached whale in public – but she has been pretty convincing.  And as you know, I’ve been working out at least 9-10 times a week lately, and I’m desperate for some variety, so hey why not.  My work schedule was light this morning so I decided to suck it up and give it a try.  I have to admit, I almost backed out a couple times on the ten minute drive to the Y.  If I had brought a change of clothes I probably would have gone in and changed and done a “normal” workout.  But I didn’t.. so there was no turning back.

I was definitely the youngest person there by a good 20 years (and I’m in my late 30’s, so I’m no spring chicken myself), so that made me feel a wee bit out of place.  But all the old ladies were so cute and pretty funny.  One of them heard me talking to my instructor and found out I’d never tried water aerobics before so she kind of ‘latched on’ to me and was showing me how to do everything.  It was really cute.

I have to admit, I felt pretty silly the whole time.  There’s just no way you can’t. Especially when they station a lifeguard at the head of the pool and he’s watching the class, undoubtedly chuckling to himself the whole time.  At the end of the class my instructor said “You were smiling the whole time! You must have loved it!”  I smiled and told her she did a great job, but inside I was thinking yeah I was smiling because I felt like so stupid!

The workout?  
The jury is still out on that one.  It definitely felt light.  Regular Zumba is a great cardio workout, but this was more of a resistance workout.  My heart rate was definitely not pushed up at all. And just like regular Zumba, you could definitely take it easy and make it a super light workout, or you could push yourself a lot harder and make it a pretty decent workout.  I tried to push it as hard as I could.  I’m curious to see if I will feel it at all tomorrow.


I’ve been really struggling with this blog post (really silly because I know only a tiny handful of people will read it anyway), so bare with me.

I want to get on here and just let it all out — whine and complain and get all my weight-loss frustrations off my chest.  But I also don’t want to discourage people.  I would love to be one of those weight loss blogs that people flock to, to constantly feel inspired and motivated — to see monthly pictures of amazing weight loss and read about awesome weekly weigh-ins.

But right now that’s just not happening for me. So I’m sorry if that’s what you’re looking for, but I realized as I was thinking about it today… this blog is really for me.  I started it to keep myself in check and have a place to record my journey, and this is part of my journey.  So that’s what it’s going to be — the good, the bad and the ugly.

Right now I’m more in the ‘ugly’ zone, unfortunately. I’m just so frustrated.  Not only am I still over 30 pounds overweight, but I’m still working to lose the ten pounds I gained at Christmastime.  IT’S JUNE, PEOPLE!!!

It frustrates me to no end that I work out almost every single day — and lately it’s been twice a day — and I see nothing on the scale for it.  It frustrates me that I am doing more diet/fitness-wise than I was at this time last year, but the scale won’t budge (and last year it was moving down down down).  It frustrates me that I eat healthier and work out more than I have ever in my life and I see nothing for it.

And I don’t know what to do about it.

The scary part is, I know how I am.  I know when I get to this point, this is when I give up.  Can you blame me?  How long can someone keep trying and trying and trying and not see anything for it before they give up?

I don’t want to give up.  It scares the crap out of me to think about going back to the way I was.  But it also makes me so tired to keep trying.  It’s so much work to track every morsel of food I put into my mouth.  It’s a lot of work (and time!!) to work out twice a day for 5-6 days a week.  I spend a lot of time every week planning meals and workouts and shopping for healthy food.  I put so much energy into this weight loss thing …. just to MAINTAIN??  Is that what it’s come to?  Am I going to have to work this hard for the rest of my life just to stay 30+ pounds overweight?  That doesn’t seem right to me!  Geez, it’s frustrating.

So that’s where I’m at.  Just one big ball of frustration.  At this point, I’m not giving up… mostly because I keep convincing myself that maintaining is still better than gaining… but I don’t know how long I can continue to convince myself of that.  It sure would be a lot easier to just throw in the towel!


But just so I don’t leave this blog post on a super down  note, I thought I’d at least share with you a yummy little product I came across this week:


This Ready Pack salad is 280 calories and it was really good.. and filling.. and it comes with everything included in the pack.  Even the fork!  Two thumbs up from me.

Can You Be Fit and NOT Be a Runner?

So I’m sitting here watching an episode of “Extreme Weight Loss” (love this show, btw) and the girl they’re working with this week is going on an on about how much she loves to run.  It’s become her “thing.”  

Wow… I’m so jealous!    (And not just because she got to spend a year working with Chris Powell!)



I really wish I could feel that way about running.  

I’m watching her run a marathon right now, at a little higher weight than my current weight, and she’s reached the 10 mile mark and is still going.  I can’t even imagine!  I have never run more than 4.5 miles, and I really don’t know that I ever could.  

But here’s my issue: It seems like every super fit person I know loves to run, or has at least made running a huge part of their fitness routine.  All of the weight loss success story bloggers I follow run.  All of the ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants run.  All of my super fit friends run races and marathons.  Why is that?  There are plenty of other activities that can make a person fit, right?  Hiking?  Biking?  Swimming?  Dancing?  But even the people I know who are really into other activities like biking — even they run.

So the question is… do I have to learn to love running?  Am I just never going get to my goal weight and be the fit, healthy person I want to be without becoming a runner?  

I really like to believe that the answer is no; that I can get there by eating right and exercising in a variety of ways that might include a run here and there at times, but I have my doubts because I have yet to meet someone who’s done it that way.

Anyone out there who can tell me otherwise?