Weekly Weigh-in

Well, despite my consumption of way too many chocolate chip cookies earlier in the week, I was able to lose a pound this week.  Yay!  I think these two-workouts-a-day days are doing some good finally!  What a blessing to be working from home now so I have the time to do what I need to do.

So while I was feeling all pumped up this morning I hurried over to the Y to swim some laps.  I was a bit worried because I knew it wouldn’t be empty like it was the last time I went swimming, but it ended up being ok.  There were four lap lanes open and all four had someone in them, which of course made me nervous at first, but I got over it, picked a lane and jumped in.

And guess what!  Last time I did 20 laps (or about 1/4 mile) in 35 minutes.  Today I did 40 laps (or about 1/2 mile) in 35 minutes!  YAY!!  That’s not exactly iron man speed, but hey it was great progress for me!  I did a lot less resting and a lot more swimming today.  🙂

Now to keep this momentum going!



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