Yet another disappointing weigh-in.

Here’s what my workout journal looked like this week:

Monday: Step class 45 minutes /  elliptical machine 30 minutes
Tuesday: Boot camp class 50 minutes /  stationary bike 25 minutes
Wednesday:  Walk/jog 40 minutes (2.3 miles)  / swim 35 minutes
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  The Firm time-saver workout with weights  25 minutes
Saturday:  Mountain hiking  90 minutes

On top of some extra workouts, I also kept my calorie intake to under 1300 calories every day except Friday, drank tons of water and laid off the sugar.

So of course it only makes sense that I weighed in this morning and lost weight, right?

Ha!!!!!!!!!!!  You must have forgotten whose blog you’re reading!
No, my friends…. I weighed in this morning UP ONE POUND from last week.  UP.

So frustrating, I don’t even have words for it, and honestly I’m just so tired of being bitter about my weight loss stall I don’t even feel like ranting about it in this post like I usually do.

Instead, I’ll just post this completely awkward picture of me that my daughter took this morning when we reached the top of one of the mountains near us.  That was today’s workout.   And I guess I’ll just keep trying.  That’s all I can do.




3 thoughts on “Yet another disappointing weigh-in.

  1. Keep going!!! Maybe switch up what your eating a little bit. Or if you always do the same workouts every week try something else. When I stall, I take a cheat day. I know people think that’s horrible but the next day I’m back in the gym…the next time I weigh in *BOOM* stall over, pounds gone. Good luck! and Stay Motivated!! : )

  2. Well, you look fantastic. And you’re probably getting stronger. And who knows, the gained pound could be a gained pound of muscle. And that gained pound of muscle could go around punching the pounds of fat until they decide to skedaddle.

  3. Losing weight can be so frustrating! It’s like they have it down to a science, but then the equations don’t work. Remember that it could be water retention if you are working out more. You look great in your picture and I hope you have a great week this week. I on the other hand have made awful choices this week. 😦

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