Week 2 of recommitment

Nothing really exciting to report here, except I’m still tryin’!

I don’t know if last week’s “recommitment week” did me any good weight-wise because I hadn’t weighed myself for a few weeks before, so when I did weigh in on Friday I wasn’t able to compare it to anything.  All I can say is that number I saw on Friday was waaaaaaay too close to 200 pounds, so needless to say I am remaining recommitted!  That scares the crap outta me!

Today being Monday and all, I thought I’d share with you my dinner plans for the week.  I know, I know… super exciting!  But hey, it helps keep me on track, so here we go:

Monday:  pork tostadas
Tuesday: bacon-topped petite turkey meatloaf from Skinnytaste (can’t wait to try these!)
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: breakfast for dinner (egg white omelet with bacon) Hey I’m only using 5 slices of bacon on Tuesday…gotta use up some more! 😛
Friday:  date night dinner out
Saturday:  grilled chicken salad
Sunday:  shrimp with grits from Bobby Dean (another one I can’t wait to try)

There ya go… that’s my week!  Here’s to being committed!


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