A Pinterest tip that actually works!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a Pinterest-er.  I’m always trying out new recipes and other fun tips I find on there.  Some work – some don’t.

This one was a tip for storing cilantro. I love cilantro and I end up buying a little bunch of it almost weekly because I use it in tons of recipes and I can never get it to last me more than a few days before turning mushy.  [Yes I know I could just grow my own.  Trust me I’ve tried, and I apparently am incapable of growing anything.  Plants hate me.]

I’ve tried a couple suggestions for storing the yummy herb, including this one from one of my favorite Food Network people, Aarti Sequeira… and none of them  have worked as well as this super simple one:


Just wash and dry the cilantro and then stick it in a cup, standing up in a little bit of water… and voila!  It works!  I’ve had this bunch since Monday, and today is Saturday and it’s still looking good!  Yay!

On a side note… if you haven’t tried Wickles, you really should!  They are super spicy pickles that are deeeelicious and very low calorie/points.


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