Weekly Weigh-in

Well, despite my consumption of way too many chocolate chip cookies earlier in the week, I was able to lose a pound this week.  Yay!  I think these two-workouts-a-day days are doing some good finally!  What a blessing to be working from home now so I have the time to do what I need to do.

So while I was feeling all pumped up this morning I hurried over to the Y to swim some laps.  I was a bit worried because I knew it wouldn’t be empty like it was the last time I went swimming, but it ended up being ok.  There were four lap lanes open and all four had someone in them, which of course made me nervous at first, but I got over it, picked a lane and jumped in.

And guess what!  Last time I did 20 laps (or about 1/4 mile) in 35 minutes.  Today I did 40 laps (or about 1/2 mile) in 35 minutes!  YAY!!  That’s not exactly iron man speed, but hey it was great progress for me!  I did a lot less resting and a lot more swimming today.  🙂

Now to keep this momentum going!



The Slippery Slope of Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a lot of weaknesses —  especially when it comes to weight loss — and I know these weaknesses more than anyone.  I know if I start eating sugar, for example, it’s really hard for me to stop.  I’ve never been one to sit down and go crazy and eat a whole bag of Oreos or a whole gallon of ice cream — my guilt has never allowed me to do that — but when I eat even a little bit of sugar I’ll get the taste for it and I’ll keep craving it for days and days.  It’s crazy!

Because I know this about myself, I really try to stay away from sugar altogether.  Even stuff like fat-free frozen yogurt will trigger my sugar addiction, so it’s best if I just abstain completely.

So what did I do Friday night?
I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies.


I knew I shouldn’t do it, but chocolate chip cookies are my husband’s favorite thing and I wanted to do something nice for him.  And a couple cookies wouldn’t completely kill me, would they?

Well a couple cookies wouldn’t.  But of course I didn’t have just a couple.  The recipe made about 3 dozen cookies and that night I had at least 4.  Then 2 more on Saturday, 3 more on Sunday, a couple on Monday.  And of course now, even though the evil cookies are gone, I’m having sugar cravings like no one’s business. DANGIT JEN!  Why do you do this to yourself?

Ah well… what’s done is done.  The good news is I’ve picked myself up and gotten back on track.  I even went for a run this morning, which I haven’t done in a long time.  And I’m headed out to the Y for Body Pump class in a few minutes.  Maybe I can clean up my act in time for a half-decent weigh-in this Friday.  We’ll see!  If not… I have no one to  blame but myself!  And those darned chocolate chip cookies.

Faux Mashed Potatoes

Well, this week’s fruit and veggie co-op bushel came with two heads of cauliflower — and wouldn’t you know it —  I had just bought a head a few days ago.  So that means I now have THREE heads of cauliflower to work into the meal plan for this week.  Good thing I like cauliflower!

Today’s cauliflower side dish was one of my favs. I’m sure most of you have seen (and probably even tried) this recipe, but in case there are a few of you out there who still haven’t, I have to give my two thumbs up for this much lower calorie version of mashed potatoes — mashed cauliflower.  I eat it all the time.

Image(Sorry for the really bad pic.  Not only am I too lazy to bust out my good camera, but I am also without photo editing software at the moment… so this is straight outta my phone!)

Anyway… here’s my basic recipe for mashed cauliflower:
–   Take one medium-large head of cauliflower and chop into chunks.
–   Place chunks into a big pot of boiling, salted water and cook until soft (about 10-15 minutes, depending on how big your chunks are).
–   Drain well.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! The more dry you can get your cauliflower, the better.  I have left too much moisture in before and it really makes it quite yucky!
–  Place extremely well drained cauliflower back into the big pot and add 2 tbs of whatever butter product you want to use.  (Real butter is the yummiest, of course, but I usually use my Brummel and Brown yogurt spread cuz it’s lower in calories and fat.)  Sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper.
–  Break out your hand mixer and beat on low until your cauliflower looks like mashed potatoes.  Adjust seasoning as needed.
–   EAT.

There ya go!  Give it a try!  And let me know what you think.

Weekly weigh-in

Finally!!  Two pounds down this week!

It’s only two pounds, but I’ll take it!  As they like to point out in Weight Watchers, 2 pounds is 8 sticks of butter.  Aint nuthin wrong with getting rid of that!

I feel particularly good about this one because I have really upped my exercise and weight training lately so I know this is a real loss.  And I’ve noticed my clothes are finally starting to feel like they used to… and I’ve actually started to see a little teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny tiny bit of definition in my arms.  That’s a miracle in itself.

 Still a few more pounds to go to get back to the 188, but I’m trying!


Yet another disappointing weigh-in.

Here’s what my workout journal looked like this week:

Monday: Step class 45 minutes /  elliptical machine 30 minutes
Tuesday: Boot camp class 50 minutes /  stationary bike 25 minutes
Wednesday:  Walk/jog 40 minutes (2.3 miles)  / swim 35 minutes
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  The Firm time-saver workout with weights  25 minutes
Saturday:  Mountain hiking  90 minutes

On top of some extra workouts, I also kept my calorie intake to under 1300 calories every day except Friday, drank tons of water and laid off the sugar.

So of course it only makes sense that I weighed in this morning and lost weight, right?

Ha!!!!!!!!!!!  You must have forgotten whose blog you’re reading!
No, my friends…. I weighed in this morning UP ONE POUND from last week.  UP.

So frustrating, I don’t even have words for it, and honestly I’m just so tired of being bitter about my weight loss stall I don’t even feel like ranting about it in this post like I usually do.

Instead, I’ll just post this completely awkward picture of me that my daughter took this morning when we reached the top of one of the mountains near us.  That was today’s workout.   And I guess I’ll just keep trying.  That’s all I can do.



Swimming Right Outta My Comfort Zone

When we joined the YMCA a couple years ago, one of the things I was most excited about was their beautiful indoor pool.  I pictured myself hitting it up all the time, swimming laps, getting some good workouts in.  Well that was almost 2 years ago, and how many times have I used the pool?  Zero.

“Why?” you ask.  Well… because it intimidated me!  Or more specifically, the people who use the pool intimidated me!  I may have lost some weight, but I still have a long way to go and I’m extremely uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit in public. I also haven’t swam for exercise since I was on the swim team as a little girl.  I wasn’t even sure if I could swim more than a lap without dying.

This is pretty much how I picture myself at the pool:


Well, the past few months I have been challenging myself to shake up my workouts a little bit. I kinda got into a rut with running, and with the really hot weather coming it’s going to become harder to run anyway (except on the treadmill and I hate the treadmill).  But there’s just not a whole lot of variety around these parts.  I love the Y but their gym equipment is super basic — just the usual treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes.  They don’t even have a rowing machine, which makes me very sad.  I love taking group classes, but even those are very limited.

So that led me to the thought that I really should give swimming a try. This probably sounds really stupid to you normal people out there, but it took me weeks to psych myself up and get the courage to try.

But I did it!

Last night I finally put on my Target tankini and a pair of my daughter’s swim goggles and hauled my butt down to the Y at 7:30PM (when I calculated the fewest people would be there to witness) and I actually swam laps for the first time in over 20 years.  As you can see… no one was there!  It was the perfect time to go.


 And guess what — it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I had made it out to be.  In fact, I’d almost say I enjoyed it!  Don’t get me wrong… it was still exercise and it was pretty boring exercise at that… but it was really nice to get in some variety and to feel some new muscles being worked.

I did 20 laps, which ends up being 500 yards, or only 1/4 a mile, and that took me a half hour.  Yipes.  That sure doesn’t seem like good stats!  But hey I did it and I’m happy I’ve found something to add a bit of variety to my workout routine.  Will I do it all the time?  Probably not… but I can see myself swimming once a week for sure.  My shoulders and back are feeling it today and I like that.

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately?  Do you like to swim for exercise?  I’d love to hear your experiences.

Week 2 of recommitment

Nothing really exciting to report here, except I’m still tryin’!

I don’t know if last week’s “recommitment week” did me any good weight-wise because I hadn’t weighed myself for a few weeks before, so when I did weigh in on Friday I wasn’t able to compare it to anything.  All I can say is that number I saw on Friday was waaaaaaay too close to 200 pounds, so needless to say I am remaining recommitted!  That scares the crap outta me!

Today being Monday and all, I thought I’d share with you my dinner plans for the week.  I know, I know… super exciting!  But hey, it helps keep me on track, so here we go:

Monday:  pork tostadas
Tuesday: bacon-topped petite turkey meatloaf from Skinnytaste (can’t wait to try these!)
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: breakfast for dinner (egg white omelet with bacon) Hey I’m only using 5 slices of bacon on Tuesday…gotta use up some more! 😛
Friday:  date night dinner out
Saturday:  grilled chicken salad
Sunday:  shrimp with grits from Bobby Dean (another one I can’t wait to try)

There ya go… that’s my week!  Here’s to being committed!