Salad-a-Day Challenge — Day 2 — Southwestern Steak Salad


I really should stop being lazy and bust out my good camera for these food pictures.  This salad was actually really good, but my phone’s camera makes it look pretty gross!

I braved the cold and wind today and fired up my bbq to grill up some steak and corn and zucchini (yum!)… threw them on top of some romaine, added some mushrooms, avocado… then topped it all with my experimental “ranch” dressing.  The results?  Salad = YUM YUM YUMMY!  Dressing = so-so.


I got this recipe from Pinterest.  I took 2 tbs cottage cheese, 1 tbs sour cream and 1 tsp taco sauce… added a couple tbs of water and whipped it all together in my little Magic Bullet blender.  It was ok.  For only 45 calories, it was WONDERFUL.  I like the idea of it, and I was surprised how well cottage cheese blends up, but I think I’ll play around with the technique a little bit and see if I can come up with a better combo. 

Anyway, thanks again Grace Got Healthy and Trying Not to be Fat for giving us this challenge. I’m all on track for Day 3 tomorrow! 🙂


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