Salad a Day Challenge!

Two of my fellow weight-loss bloggers from Grace Got Healthy and Trying Not to be Fat posted about their Salad-a-Day challenge, and I decided to take part for a couple reasons.  1) My blog has been really lame lately, and this will give me something to start posting about again… and 2) Although I know salads are good for me (the home made kind, at least), I rarely take the time to make a good salad.  Now I have some motivation!

The challenge started today, and here are the rules:

  • 1 salad as a meal, either lunch or dinner.
  • Salad must contain some form of protein, and good fats either via nuts/seeds or oils.
  • Get creative! Add dried fruit, berries, croutons, cheese, anything you fancy that day.
  • If you’re not very creative, check my (Trying Not to be Fat) facebook page for inspiration, I tend to post a lot of salads from work there.
  • If you can make your own dressings, please do! If not, make sure you go buy more than one type to avoid getting bored.
  • Make sure it’s BIG. 2 cups of mixed greens are only about 30 calories. You can go big with veggies, and you’ll need to in order to stay full.

Well, today’s a crazy day so my salad was not creative at all.  I only had time to make my good ol’ (boring, but pretty good) standby — lettuce with cucumbers and cottage cheese and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.


Tomorrow will be better… I promise!


6 thoughts on “Salad a Day Challenge!

  1. Good plan! My go-to dressing is as simple as lemon juice (lots), garlic and olive oil. So tangy and so good for you! Good fats from the olive oil, immune support from the garlic and alkalizing from the lemons.

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