Lifting Weights to Lose Weight — will it work for me??

It started with a visit to my doctor.  It was actually a great visit, which is a miracle for me because (no offense to you doctors out there), I hate doctors.  I’ve hated them since as far back as I can remember; mostly because every doctor I’ve been to likes to attribute any problem I might have to being overweight.  Have any of you overweight people noticed that?  You can go in for a sinus infection and somehow the doctor will work in a way to tell you you need to lose weight.  As if I don’t know I’m a fatty already. It drives me nuts.

Anyway!  That’s a rant for another time.

So a couple weeks ago I went to my new family doctor to get a referral to a dermatologist.  I hadn’t planned on talking to him about anything other than the dermatology issue, and I certainly didn’t plan on talking to him about my weight loss, but of course as it always does with doctors, it came up.  This time was different, though.  For the first time I can ever remember, a doctor actually told me my weight “wasn’t that bad.”  Believe me I almost fell off of my chair.  And what was even more amazing was, he actually talked to me about my weight loss for about ten minutes instead of rushing me out the door.  He complimented me on how far I’ve come and actually sympathized with my frustration over my plateau.  Compliments and sympathy are two things I’ve never gotten from a doctor.  It was truly a momentous visit.

We talked for quite a bit about different things he wants me to try — one of them being to work out more often, and another is to add more weight training to my routine.  The first one really didn’t sit well with me because I already work out 4-5 days a week for about 45 minutes to an hour (while being a mom and working full-time). I couldn’t hide the disgust on my face when he told me he wanted me to up that to 5-6 days a week.  He calmed me down by assuring me that if I upped my workout frequency, I could cut down on the duration…. especially if I changed my workouts to be more centered on weight training instead of cardio.  Hmm… interesting theory.

He told me that I needed to stop thinking like an obese person; that I had needed lots of cardio to get to this point, but my body is different now. I guess I never thought about it like that.  Of course he gave me a whole lot more details that I won’t bore you with, but basically he said if I’ll up my workout frequency to 5-6 days a week, and make them 60/40 cardio/weights (while keeping to my healthy diet, of course), he thinks I’ll start seeing some weight loss results.  He said he’d eventually like me to make that more like 50/50… or even 40/60, but for now let’s experiment with the 60/40 combo and see how it goes.

Well, you know I’m desperate to bust this plateau, so of course I’m giving it a try.  And guess what… after following his plan for two weeks…. so far I’m up 4 pounds!!  Yes, you read that right… UP 4 pounds!  Wow.

You probably think I’m gonna give up on this experiment, but I’m not, for a couple of reasons.  1) I haven’t been 100% great with my diet over the two weeks (although I haven’t been terrible either, but still it’s not fair to judge unless I’m going to commit to a clean diet while I try).  And 2) It’s that wonderful time of month so who knows what’s going on with water retention and whatnot.

So this week I’ve committed to sticking to a clean diet and adding more weight training to my routine.  We’ll see how I’m feeling at the end of this week.  It sure would be nice to see some pounds come off, but at the very least it’s got to help me tone up and shrink a little bit, right?

I’ll keep you posted.



4 thoughts on “Lifting Weights to Lose Weight — will it work for me??

  1. Hey Jen, you’re doing great! Adding weight training is a good idea – I find it also adds a little variety to my workouts which help keep me interested. I’m too cheap to cough up for a gym membership, but we have some weights at home which I use. If you’re in that camp too – here’s a website with a great (read as quick!) weight workout you can do at home three times a week. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to reading more of your progress 🙂

  2. Your doctor is right. You should skip the long cardio sessions. Lifting weights adds muscle which in turns burns more calories. Long cardio sessions eventually ends up burning muscle for fuel. Stick to short, high intensity sprints. See HIIT or Tabata. This will increase heart rate over a long period of time and you become a fat burning machine. Lift heavy weight and sprint.

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