Good For Me For Still Trying! (harrumph)

While my daughter is in her piano lesson on Thursday nights, I use the half hour to squeeze in a run.  So tonight I was making my loops around the neighborhood when one of my friends pulled up next to me in her mini van, rolled down her window and yelled “Good for you for still trying!”


Now this friend is one of my only friends that knows even a little bit about how much I’ve been struggling with my weight loss, and that I’ve basically been plateau’d for 9 months now. She knows how frustrated I’ve been that I try so hard and just don’t see results any more, and she, too, struggles with her weight, so we’ve had a few conversations about it.  And I know my friend very well and she is one of the sweetest women on Earth.  Seriously, she is.

But I have to say… that comment kinda took me back.  I’m sure she didn’t even think anything of it as she rolled her window back up and drove away, but of course I spent the next mile and a half thinking I was pretty sure she meant to say “Good for you for still trying….because it sure isn’t doing any good!!”

Yes I realize that after 9 months of watching the scale do nothing but mock me, I suppose I might be the teeniest tiniest little bit sensitive about this subject… but I dunno… Whadya think?  Did I take that wrong?  Would you have thought the same thing?
Should I just shut up and actually be encouraged by words of encouragement?

Ok I think I just answered my own question.



2 thoughts on “Good For Me For Still Trying! (harrumph)

  1. First of all, congrats to you for still trying. 😉 lol.
    If your friend really is sweet then she probably just muddled her words and her intentions were good. I often say stupid stupid things in the moment and then later think, why did I say that?!
    You rock. Keep up the good work.

    • I know what you mean… I’m definitely the same way. I’ve put my foot into my mouth more times than I can remember!
      And like I said I’m sure she didn’t even think anything of it, but it definitely took me back. My husband and I got a good laugh about it when I told him the story that night. He agreed I’m being too sensitive! 🙂

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