What’s with all these crazy-colored running shoes?

I finally had to break down and buy a new pair of running shoes yesterday.  It always pains me to plunk down so much money for a pair of shoes, but I know it’s just what I gotta do.  Mine were so worn down I could actually feel the ground under my feet the past few times I’ve gone out for a run, and my arches were starting to kill me. Not good.

So I went to the store yesterday looking for a normal-looking pair of Asics (my favorite brand) and let me tell you — they were not easy to find!  Who decided all of a sudden that we all want to wear neon green and fluorescent orange and pink while we’re running?  Call me an old lady, but I am not feeling all these crazy shoe colors!


I ended up with a really nice pair of Asics Gel Exalt.  I’m not a huge fan of white (and of course they had to throw in some bright blue and neon green on the tongue), but they were super comfortable, and at least I won’t feel like a clown while I’m wearing them.


Whadya think?  Too boring?  Do I need to get over my issues with neon shoes?
And the really big question — have I officially turned into an old lady?


4 thoughts on “What’s with all these crazy-colored running shoes?

  1. Old ladies don’t buy “running” shoes at all! I hate the flourescent shoes, too. I got a great pair of navy Asics on sale recently. Love the blue over the white…you can actually wear them with jeans and not look like a soccer mom. 😉

  2. I love your new ones and I was wondering the same thing. I was looking in an Academy ad because I wanted some new shoes and all of them were color combos like lime green and hot pink or bright blue and green and even saw a bright orange and red. I must say I did fall in love with a Nike pair that were hot pink and like green but it’ll be a while before I get them. Lol

    • Yeah I think if I could afford to have a bunch of pairs of shoes I wouldn’t mind so much, because there definitely are some cute ones that are bright. But when you can only afford one pair, I kinda feel like they need to be a little more neutral!

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