Confessions of a Fat Runner

Thanks to a post by my fellow blogger, Beth, from Running With Mickey, I spent last weekend reading a hilarious and touching book called “Honey, Do You Need A Ride?  Confessions of a Fat Runner.” by Jennifer Graham.


It only took a few pages for me to get sucked in to this book.  Graham’s writing style is easy to read and her sense of humor is fabulous. I had read a few reviews before I bought it and several people described the book as “laugh out loud,” but I was skeptical.  It’s rare I actually laugh out loud at a book.  But I truly did laugh out loud during parts of this one — mostly because I could identify with it so much!

Most of the first half is her description of the “tribe” she belongs to, which is made up of those of us who run but don’t look like runners.  My tribe!!!  We’re the kind of people that run in our baggy t-shirts and make people wonder if we’re being chased by a pack of wild dogs, because certainly we wouldn’t be running for any other reason except impending death.

I loved her description of her running gear — how she lined up at one of her first races clad in her “Hanes Beefy T” while surrounded by spandex-clad “gazelles.” Oh that is so me.  I just finally bought some real running clothes this weekend and I feel SO out of place putting it on.

The second half of the book delved more into Graham’s personal life.  A lot of it had to do with her divorce and the struggles that came with it. I admire Graham for being so open and honest about her many insecurities — not only about being a “larger” person who runs, but also about being a mom, a wife and divorcee and a woman in general.

I couldn’t decide if I was inspired or saddened by her challenge of running for 25 years, being in great physical shape health-wise, but still never being able to be “thin.”  It felt good to know I’m not the only one who works out hard and eats healthy, yet doesn’t see the results of it on the scale.  But on the other hand it was slightly sad to know this might just be my lot in life.  How frustrating that some people barely have to work at all to lose weight, or even more frustrating is that some people don’t have to do anything, but are just naturally thin.  *sigh*  Ah, that will never be my life.  But at least I know I’m not alone, right?

Anyway, if you’re a runner — especially if you’re not the typical stick-thin runner — you definitely need to check this book out.   And even if you’re not a runner, I think you’d enjoy the humor anyway, and more than likely you’ll find something you can relate to.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!


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