Running Skirts – 2 Reviews

I really like the idea of a running skirt.  Actually I like the idea of anything that covers my large rear end … especially when I’m running.  So I’ve been on a crusade to find a running skirt that will work for me… and so far NOT so good.

First I tried the Nike Skapri.


I wear a size 14 on the bottom (sometimes even a 16 if the sizing runs small), so I ordered an XL.
What I liked:  The waist sits pretty high, which is great for those of us with a muffin top (yes i admit I have a muffin top).  The material was nice and slippery, but not too thin.  I also liked that the length of the capris was pretty short.  I live in a very warm climate, so I don’t need my legs to be covered very much.
What I didn’t like:  The zippered pocket (located in the back) is super tiny.  I assume it’s made to hold a small iPod and maybe one key, and that’s about it.  It also had two pockets on the sides, but they were extremely small and shallow. I use my phone for my running app and music, and I have a very large android phone, so I would love to find something that has a pocket large enough to hold my phone.  Not only were all the pockets too small to hold my phone, but the ones on the sides don’t lay completely flat… so they end up bulging up a little.  Not flattering. Also, these must run very large because the XL was too big for me.  The waist wasn’t snug at all.

So next I tried the Skirt Sports Lotta Breeze Capri.  I had read a lot of good reviews of this particular running skirt, so I had my hopes up that this would be a winner.  Again, I ordered an XL.

ImageWhat I liked:  The material is very comfortable and “breathable.”  I could tell when the weather gets warmer, it would work very well.  I think it’s genius that the pockets are located on the capri legs, up under the skirt, and they are very large — big enough to  hold my phone. They also had this really nice hole up in the waistband that you can run your headphone wire through so you don’t have a wire dangling/flying all over the place while you run.  LOVE that.
What I didn’t like:  The waist was way too low-rise.  I had read some reviews that said the waist sat higher, so I was surprised to find that wasn’t the case for me at all.  These sat right on my hips, which gave my muffin top plenty of room to spill out all over the place.  YUCK.  Not what I want to have going on while I’m running.  Sadly, for this reason they are not going to work out for me and I’m back on the search for a running skirt.

I’m truly bummed because in all my research  these are the two brands that come most recommended… and honestly there just aren’t that many choices out there.

Do any of you wear running skirts?  If so, what brand do you like?  Any recommendations?


6 thoughts on “Running Skirts – 2 Reviews

  1. I’ve actually never seen a running skirt in a shop in my country – but I really like the idea of them, because I do not really feel comfortable in running tights with them showing of everything – I usually borrow my brothers shirts because they are so big 🙂

  2. I have a hot-pink Nike skort that I sometimes pair with a long matching top. I love the feel of it, but can’t get past the feeling that I look like I’m going to play tennis! Not that I ever really look like a runner, but a skort makes me look even less so.

    • Yeah I have looked at a couple skorts and I thought the same thing — I’d probably look like I was running to my next tennis match. Plus they don’t have the ginormous pockets I’m looking for. I’ve been searching online the past hour and I’m starting to think what I’m looking for just doesn’t exist! *sigh*

  3. have you looked at the SparkleSkirts Tech skirts yet?
    I was also disappointed in the way the waist of the SkirtSports skirt is so low and loose….I’d rather have a little muffin than worry that my skirt is going to slide down my booty! But I can confirm that their shorts definitely don’t ride up!

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