Update: Quality vs. Quantity

Last week I made a goal to do a couple new things:
1) “Front-load” my points — eating the most points for breakfast, a few less for lunch, and a fairly small dinner.
2) Stop eating only fat-free, low-point foods and eat some real full-fat (and full nutrition) foods instead.

Well, it’s been over a week now since I’ve been concentrating on these goals and although the scale still hasn’t dropped an enormous amount of weight, I feel better overall.  Cutting out the processed foods has made me feel better physically and mentally …. but best of all, my hunger has been a lot more under control, which is amazing!

I’m not exaggerating when I say I was pretty much hungry all day long before.  My 4-5 point breakfasts were so low in calories, they really only kept me full for about an hour max.  Then I’d spend the next 3 hours miserable, waiting until the next time I could eat. Now I’ve bumped my breakfasts up to 9-10 points and I stay full all morning.  It still freaks me out a little to see that many points vanish at the start of the day, but I’m getting over it.

My lunches are 8-9 points too, and I’ve made sure to include things like peanut butter and avocados …. things that have enough fat to fill me up and keep me satisfied for a long time.  It is slightly rough to only have 5-6 points left for dinner at the end of the day, but again… I’m getting over it.  I pretty much limit my dinner to a protein and veggies and call it a day.  I won’t lie …. I definitely covet my husband and daughter’s pasta and rice at times, but I survive.

Anyway… that’s the update!  Hopefully I’ll have a good loss this week so I can feel like I’m doing the right thing.  Either way, I’m just happy to not be hungry all the time.  That’s a victory in itself.


One thought on “Update: Quality vs. Quantity

  1. I made the switch to real food vs low fat and low calorie and I notice I’m staying full longer too! I also feel like I can focus a lot better than when I was eating low fat/ fat free everything. Have a great rest of the week!

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