Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken – A Pinterest FAIL

I love Pinterest, and I really love trying new recipes I find on Pinterest.  I have come across some real gems on that site, but I’ve also come across quite a few stinkers, too.  This one would go into the “stinkers” folder.

It’s actually not a recipe… it’s more of a cooking “technique.”  According to this link, you can use your bundt pan to roast a chicken vertically.  Like this:


It looked kinda fun and my bundt pan doesn’t get much use so why the heck not?  Well… I’ll tell ya why not.  Because although the top part of the chicken that’s sticking up out of the confines of the pan comes out nice and crispy and yummy, the part that sits down in the pan stays limp and chewy and pretty darned gross.

Ah well.  The meat inside was still good because I made sure I rubbed it down with lots of olive oil and rosemary and garlic and some fresh lemons… so it wasn’t a complete failure. And now I have lots of roasted chicken meat to use in my lunches this week! You win some, you lose some.


5 thoughts on “Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken – A Pinterest FAIL

    • I know what you mean. I’ve started leaving “comments” on my pins so people can see the good and bad ones (and so I can remember myself), That reminds me… I need to go leave one for the bundt pan chicken!

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