Quality vs. Quantity

This has been my goal this week — to stop thinking “quantity” and start thinking “quality.”  Geez it’s really a struggle for me.  I love food.  I reallllllly love food.  So as soon as someone tells me I have to cut back on my portions, I immediately start to freak out.

I’ve heard people say things like “I’d rather have one spoonful of rich, full-fat ice cream than a bowl full of fat free frozen yogurt.”  NOT ME!!!  I’m all about the quantity!  I’d rather eat 28 baked chips that taste pretty much like salty cardboard than only get to eat 5 or 6 real chips.  Stupid?  Yes.  But it’s me!

And for someone like me, following Weight Watchers can get you in a little bit of trouble if you don’t check yourself.  The new Points Plus plan has helped slightly by making veggies and fruits 0 points, but I still find myself trying to eat the most low-point foods I can possibly squeeze into my 29-point day… instead of focusing on smaller portions of healthy, FILLING food.  I’m totally a point hoarder.

For instance, I’ll eat a tiny 1-point tortilla with one measly egg white and a couple slices of turkey or ham for breakfast, because then I’ll still have 27 points to use the rest of the day.  Yay I can eat more later on!!!  Then for a snack I’ll have a low fat string cheese and an apple so I’ll still have 26 points to use later.  Then at lunch I’ll nuke a Lean Cuisine and add a giant bowl of veggies to it… again to keep my points super low.  You get the idea.

Was any of that stuff filling?  Absolutely not. So I spend most of my day feeling very hungry.  And then I wonder why when I get home from work I could seriously eat the hind end off a buffalo. Not to mention I often have a headache and by the late afternoon I’m not exactly the nicest person to be around.  How stupid is that???

And it’s all because I’m afraid to eat my points!  Would one slice of real whole wheat bread and 1 tbs of real full-fat peanut butter, eaten with a whole egg and an apple fill me up and give my body lots of nutrients?  Yes.  Would it keep me feeling full until lunch time?  That’s the question that scares me — because I don’t know!  And I’m afraid to find out.  I have these stupid worries… What if it doesn’t?  What if I just used 8 or 9 points and I’m hungry later??  What if I’ve used up all of my points by 5:30 in the evening??

Well as you know I’ve been struggling with being “stuck” on my weight loss, so I know obviously something needs to change.  I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and there are several things I’m working on changing up…. but this week I decided to focus mainly on getting over this stupid fear and changing this “quantity vs. quality” thinking.  I decided to start front-loading my days — eating the most points at breakfast, then a few less at lunch, and a much smaller dinner.  I also decided to stop relying on fat-free, low-point foods and eat some real full-fat (and full nutrition) foods instead. I’m sure it sounds ridiculous, but it was very scary for me.

Somehow I survived, though.  I even lost a pound.  And if it wasn’t “that time” (sorry to any male readers), I really think I would have lost more.  It actually was pretty easy! Physically, that is.  I did stay pretty full from breakfast all the way to lunch, and I didn’t come home starving like I usually do, which made eating a smaller dinner much easier than I thought it would be.  But I’m not gonna lie….  Mentally it was really tough.  I still had this stupid irrational fear that I was going to starve or die or something just because I “ran out” of points by 5:30PM.

But I did it!  And as hard as it is mentally, I believe the physical benefits will show soon.  I’m going to keep my experiment running through the rest of next week and I’ll let you know.  Wish this point hoarder good luck!  I’m gonna need it!


3 thoughts on “Quality vs. Quantity

  1. I completely relate to the quantity vs. quality. I used to be torn between the two. Sometimes I would much rather have the lower calorie items just to be able to eat more food during the day, and other times I wanted full on calorie items and have smaller portions. It’s a tug of war that will probably always exist in my brain. It’ll always be a constant battle, but for now, I seem to be leaning more towards smaller portions… and it’s working for me so far. I still eat pizza, pasta and restaurant food, but I eat smaller portions. I also cut out all junk food such as candy, chips, chocolate, ice-cream… for now! lol And like you, I thought I’d be hungry after eating smaller portions, but I wasn’t.

    So, do what’s best for you… and mix it up every once in awhile if that’s what will help you meet your weight loss goals. Keep up your good work, and it’ll pay off! =)

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