Trying really hard not to be a bitter, angry woman right now!

After a good solid week of following Weight Watchers to a ‘T’…. tracking every single morsel of food that went into my mouth, staying within my points, hitting all my ‘good health guidelines’, completely avoiding diet soda (my favorite “treat”) and candy, getting in 4 solid workouts…..   What did I see on the scale this morning?


There’s a decimal point there.  POINT THREE.


I’m so disappointed and discouraged right now I could either cry or punch something.  Or maybe go eat a donut.


3 thoughts on “Trying really hard not to be a bitter, angry woman right now!

  1. I had these exact feelings 2 days ago at my weigh-in ( only I hadn’t even got the .3 to keep me going!) but I’ve kept on track and I’m so glad I didn’t give in to the old habits. I’ve been telling myself this journey is not just about the numbers but all the good things I’m doing for my body too. Don’t give in, or give up 🙂

  2. That’s the worst. I hate when the number reflected isn’t the number that’s in your heart. Just keep working hard. That number will go down sooner or later! Maybe have a bite of a donut… 🙂

  3. I know how you feel! I followed last week exactly, gym twice, and Zumba class and I was up!! Sometimes the workouts take a while to show on the scale. You can feel better, look better, and see the inches come off, but not always the pounds. Don’t get stuck on the scale or the numbers! You can do it!!

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