Why I Weigh Myself Every Day (or why I’m not a fan of the weekly weigh-in)

When you’re in the process of losing weight, almost everyone will tell you “don’t weigh yourself every day!!!”  Especially Weight Watchers people.  They will tell you that because our weight fluctuates so much from day to day, weighing yourself every day is going to make you feel discouraged.

Well, I must disagree.  For the very same reason, I feel you should weigh yourself every day!

My weight fluctuates a lot (I’m convinced it fluctuates even more than a normal human being), and well… here’s my illustration to show you what happens if I weigh myself only once a week:


So although I have lost weight that week, my body decides to pack on 4 random pounds on weigh-in day (and I’m not exaggerating… this happens) and I now think that all the work I’ve put into the week has been for nothing!  Very discouraging.

If I had weighed myself every day, however, I would have known that my +4 weigh-in was just a fluke and I’d know I’d be back to a good weigh-in once my body decided to stop acting freaky and get back on track.

Make sense?


4 thoughts on “Why I Weigh Myself Every Day (or why I’m not a fan of the weekly weigh-in)

  1. I am using Weight Watchers, but I’m starting to think weighing myself every day makes more sense. I’ve noticed fluctuations like what you described. Thanks for the post!

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