A note to naturally skinny people who think it’s easy to lose weight

Nothing bugs me more than a naturally skinny person telling someone who has struggled with weight their whole life how easy it is to lose weight.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to my coworker (who I’m sure has never had to diet or exercise in his life) tell me I don’t need Weight Watchers.  If I would just go for a walk with my dog every night, I could eat cupcakes whenever I wanted.

Um really?  First of all, I don’t have a dog.  I have two cats, and they don’t like to be walked. Trust me, I’ve asked.

Second of all, I’m not sure what kind of math you’re doing, but even my ten year old could figure out that the calories burned by taking your dog for a stroll don’t even come close to the amount of calories ingested when you decide to stuff a cupcake in your face.
And I hear “logic” like this all the time!  People really seem to believe if you “take the stairs” or “take the farthest spot in the parking lot” or “walk your dog” that you can eat whatever you want.  OH HOW I WISH!

Third, I can guarantee you that although I am a good 30 pounds overweight at this point, I eat healthier and exercise more than you do.  GUARANTEED.  So please… the next time you feel the need to expound your weight loss wisdom, feel free to keep it to yourself.  


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