Zero Point Birthday Cake

Ok that title might be a little misleading, but this really is the birthday “cake” I made for my daughter’s 10th birthday last week… and it really is zero Weight Watchers points!


Isn’t it great?  It’s a little messy to make (be prepared for lots of juicy-ness running all over your counter), but super easy.   All you need is a couple of seedless watermelons (one big and one small), whatever other fruit you like, and a whole bunch of toothpicks.

Take that big watermelon and cut off the top and the bottom.  Then take your knife and slice off the rest of the rind… making your way all the way around the watermelon until the whole thing is removed.  I could have spent a lot more time scraping and smoothing and making it a more perfect cylinder, but let’s face it — I don’t have the time or patience for that.

Repeat this process with a mini seedless watermelon.  Then take some of your toothpicks and press them into the bottom of the smaller watermelon, leaving them sticking out about half-way.  They’ll help keep your watermelons stuck together after you stack them up.

Then just cut up your other fruits into the shapes you like and use the toothpicks to stick them on.  Add some cute candles to the top and voila — a zero point birthday cake!


One thought on “Zero Point Birthday Cake

  1. And you can use any cylindrical mold or cutters to cut this, anyways its quite fruity and refreshing and a great option for summer parties.

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